Woodland Garden

Project Details

3rd April 2016

Project Description

Woodland Garden, Charnwood

Our brief was to create a meandering woodland garden for the clients to walk through and enjoy and for the children to run through and play.  Planning permission was gained to raise the canopies to the existing majestic lime and cedar trees in order to create pools of light and dappled shade where the shadows can dance on the woodland floor.  Hazel, dogwoods and magnolias were added to provide a mid-storey canopy.  Grass paths were designed to follow the gentle contours of the ground and at ground level the woodland floor was planted with several thousand plants including hellebores, ferns, geraniums, primroses and foxgloves.  Snowdrops and bluebells were scattered throughout the scheme to multiply over the coming years.

Build: David Greaves Landscape Ltd.

Planting:  Emma Scarborough Garden Design Ltd.